Award-winning EURES Ireland service holding ICT Online European Job Day on 9th May

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EURES Ireland, the award-winning European Employment Service of the Department of Social Protection, will hold an ICT Online European Job Day on 9th May 2014 from 10am to 3pm (GMT). This ‘online only’ day is aimed at attracting software and IT talent from Ireland and across Europe to join the growing Irish technology sector and to address skills shortages in the IT sector.

During the ICT Online European Job Day, jobseekers in Ireland and across the EU will be able to search and apply for jobs that match their skills, make contact with employers and book one or more job interviews.

Jobseekers will also be able to view company presentations online and ask questions after each presentation. Jobseekers outside of Ireland will also be able to attend the virtual presentations ‘Your First EURES Job’ (European financial support available to mobile workers) and ‘Living and Working in Ireland’

Employers will have free and direct access to a range of recruitment services, including publishing their vacancies on the event’s website, automatic screening and matching of CVs and scheduling and conducting online interviews on the day of the event.

During the event, employers will also be able to showcase their companies and hold live chats and Q&A sessions with potential employees from Europe. 

Participation is free of charge for both companies and jobseekersMore details about the event can be found at the event page at


EURES Ireland has received an award for the category ‘Best Communication Product or Event’ for the business breakfasts regularly hosted by EURES Advisers throughout the country. The Department’s EURES Advisers meet with employers at these breakfasts and outline the services available from the Department of Social Protection.

Alongside the award for the ‘Best Communication Product or Event’, EURES Ireland is one of four EU Member States which have been awarded a special National Communications Project by the European Commission and consultants GOPA-Cartermill for the 2013/2014 period. The aim of the EURES National Communications Project is to provide dedicated communications advice and support to a selected number of countries in the EURES network for a period of nine months.

EURES, a European-wide initiative established in 1993, is a network of all the public employment services in the European Union and the European Economic Area. Through EURES, public employment services share their employment vacancies and services with each other.

The Department of Social Protection’s EURES service also informs jobseekers in Ireland of job opportunities in the wider European labour market which may be of interest to them. At any one time, there are almost 1 million vacancies displayed on the EURES website and people based both in Ireland and in other EU counties are entitled to apply for these jobs.

The labour market in Europe (EU) is a single market and all vacancies in every Member State are available to all citizens in every Member State. There is a legal obligation on the Department of Social Protection to make every European vacancy available to Irish citizens.  In the same way every Irish vacancy is available on an equal basis to every European citizen.

Any employment opportunities brought to the attention of jobseekers by the Department of Social Protection outside of Ireland are completely voluntary and people who do not avail of any such opportunities will not lose their social welfare entitlements here.  It is an opportunity for Irish jobseekers to seek work in other EU countries in the wider European market and equally, it provides jobseekers abroad with an opportunity to find work with companies based here in Ireland where such vacancies cannot be filled by jobseekers in Ireland.



Last modified:29/04/2014