"Minister Announces Increase In Funding To €360,000 For Dublin’s Northside Community Law Centre"

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The Minister for Social Affairs, Séamus Brennan T.D. today (Friday, 29th April) announced that he has approved the allocation of €360,000 in funding for the Northside Community Law Centre ( NCLC) in Dublin for 2005.

The allocation represents an increase of nearly 70% on the support funding of €215,000 provided in 2004 and guarantees that the work of the Law Centre can continue without interruption or financial difficulties in 2005.

Minister Brennan announced the increased funding allocation following a meeting he had called with a delegation from the Law Centre and public representatives from the Northside area to discuss funding arrangements for the NCLC in 2005 in light of concerns that it may have difficulty continuing services until the end of the year.

Minister Brennan said the increased funding was being approved on condition that between now and December regular meetings would be held between officials from the Department of Social Affairs and NCLC at which all the options for future funding would be examined and a long-term strategy for the financing of the Law Centre worked-out in consultation with other Government departments. The regular discussions would also deal with administrative, debt issues and services issues.

Minister Brennan said: "The Northside Community Law Centre has provided a valuable service to the community in this area of Dublin for over 30 years. Over those decades and today it continues to be a beacon of hope and a place of practical support for a great many people who find themselves in difficulties and cannot afford the legal costs involved. Increasing the funding to €360,000 lifts the uncertainty over the immediate future of the Centre and allows for a breathing space between now and the end of the year during which a solid, long-term strategy can be assembled that will ensure the NCLC can continue its valuable work into the future."


Last modified:29/04/2005