Minister of State Humphreys reminds jobseekers and employers to avail of seasonal work opportunities

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Minister of State Humphreys reminds jobseekers and employers to avail of seasonal work opportunities and congratulates the Irish Franchise Sector for the role they’re playing in creating employment


Friday, 27 March 2015: Kevin Humphreys, T.D., Minister of State at the Department of Social Protection with special responsibility for employment supports has advised that jobseekers who are getting a Jobseeker’s payment from the Department can avail of temporary seasonal work for up to 10 weeks (had been 8 weeks up to now) and their payments will be reinstated immediately afterwards without any delay. The Minister was speaking in advance of the Irish Franchise Awards 2015 that will be announced later this evening at the Clyde Court Hotel in Ballsbridge.

Minister Humphreys said: "I would like to reassure jobseekers and employers that, where an unemployed person, who is getting a weekly payment from the Department of Social Protection, gets seasonal or temporary work for up to 10 weeks, the Department will recommence their social welfare payment without delay after the work finishes and they contact the Department to make it aware that their temporary work has ended. As we approach Easter many businesses, including the tourism and retail sectors, will be seeing a welcomed increase in demand on their industries. I strongly urge employers who are experiencing a take-up in business at this time to contact their local Intreo Centre or Social Welfare office and the staff there will work with you to source the people you need for your business. The support of the Irish franchise sector in enabling jobseekers find work is invaluable."

The Minister added that a range of employment supports and services are available to employers who give employment or offer an apprenticeship to jobseekers which include JobsPlus, JobBridge and the Jobs Ireland Recruitment service.

Minister Humphreys said that he was looking forward to joining with the franchise sector this evening as they celebrate 20 years of Irish Franchise Awards this year. The awards recognise excellence in franchising and reward outstanding achievements of businesses and individuals in the franchise industry.

"Since coming into office, this Government has prioritised job creation and the Action Plan for Jobs has been a key component of its success in getting unemployed people back to work. Support for the retail sector has been and continues to be a key feature of successive Action Plans. This sector provides employment in every community in the country while also supporting jobs in other areas, such as logistics and distribution. The Irish Franchise Industry offers almost 43,000 full-time jobs to the Irish economy, which cannot be underestimated. Ireland and the Irish economy need businesses like yours to make it thriving, competitive and a place to do business. That you have introduced a new award this year for ‘Employment in Ireland’ is most welcome. Thank you for putting your shoulder to the wheel of Government and working with us as we make every effort to get people back working again."


Last modified:27/03/2015