Minister Doherty welcomes uptake in Paternity Benefit

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Friday, 22 December 2017: Employment Affairs and Social Protection Minister, Regina Doherty, T.D. has welcomed the uptake in Paternity Benefit since it was introduced just 16 months ago.  By the end of November some 29,700 fathers have availed of the two weeks payment, including 2,400 self-employed.

Minister Doherty said: “I am very pleased with the uptake in this particular payment, with almost 30,000 having availed of it to date.  These two weeks provide an opportunity for the father to spend time with their new baby, but the provision of the leave can be as beneficial to the mother as they are to the father.  I would encourage all eligible parents to apply for this new benefit.”

During the first four months of the scheme, 4,932 fathers received the payment. During Q1 of this year, over 5,700 received the payment and another 7,100 qualified during Q2.  Over 7,500 received the benefit in Q3.  Minister Doherty further stated, “I am particularly pleased to note the increase in take up rates quarter on quarter as awareness of the scheme grows.” 

Paternity Benefit is paid at €230 a week for two weeks and the associated paternity leave can be taken within the first 26 week following the birth of the baby.  Employers have the option of topping up the benefit for their employees. Self-employed fathers are also eligible to apply for this benefit.  It is also available to parents adopting a child and to same-sex couples. To qualify for Paternity Benefit, applicants must satisfy social insurance contribution conditions. Employees who pay PRSI Class A, E or H contributions and self-employed who pay PRSI Class S contributions are eligible to apply.

Employees are reminded that they need to give four weeks’ notice to their employer of their intention to take paternity leave.

Full information on Paternity Benefit is available on the Department’s website

Table showing county by county details is attached.


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