Minister of State Humphreys visits Community Employment schemes in North Galway

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Minister of State Humphreys visits Community Employment schemes in North Galway

During a visit to County Galway today (Friday, 22 August 2014) the Minister of State at the Department of Social Protection, Kevin Humphreys, T.D. will meet with some Community Employment (CE) schemes and TÚS programmes.  

Headford Community Association is the first of the groups to be visited by Minister Humphreys.  There are 32 jobseekers participating in this CE scheme under the stewardship of two supervisors.   Minister Humphreys said: “Community Employment schemes such as this one in Headford give the participants the opportunity to gain a broad range of skills from office administration, maintenance of sports and community facilities to grounds keeping, horticulture and landscape gardening.  They receive training in payroll management, computer literacy and internet skills with tuition in other areas including Health and Safety in construction, machinery operations and maintenance.  In addition to the participants gaining new skills, the scheme benefits the local community and it improves the local amenities for everybody living in the area and its environs.  None of this is achieved without hard work and determination and congratulations are due to all involved in delivering on this.”

Minister Humphreys will then visit Dunmore Parish CE scheme which has 33 participants and two supervisors.  This scheme offers similar type training to the participants as that of Headford CE.  The scheme promotes the inclusion of many local community groups.  The Minister said: “I am particularly pleased to see that your scheme provides senior citizens and other groups with access to relevant information from State organisations.  The scheme also provides meals at Mayfield Day Centre to residents of the local voluntary housing organisation and members of the wider community. This is an invaluable service that you are providing.  Together with your work in providing better sporting facilities for the young people of your parish, you are creating a sense of wellbeing and inclusion in your community.”

Minister Humphreys will also meet with Tuam and District Mental Health Association CE scheme.  This scheme has a course underway currently for 33 participants and is overseen by two supervisors.  The main aim of the scheme is to promote the general welfare and the training and resettlement of people with mental health difficulties.  Its activities are many and include helping people with mental illness to live independently.  It operates an information and drop in service, developed by Tuam Mental Health Association.   It also provides personnel to help with the administration of the Tuam Cancer Care Group and Tuam Chamber of Commerce.  “This is yet another shining example of a CE scheme that is giving back to its community while enabling the participants with skills that will stand to them for life and greatly improve their job opportunities”, the Minister said.

In the afternoon, Minister Humphreys will call to the Cluide Voluntary Housing Project and the Men’s Shed in the town of Tuam. 

While in Galway, Minister Humphreys also urged local employers to consider the resources available to them on giving employment to jobseekers who are on the Live Register for over a year. “The Department of Social Protection will work with you to ensure you get employees with the skills you need for your business.  In addition, JobsPlus is an employer incentive scheme operated by the Department which incentivises businesses to hire jobseekers from the Live Register, boost job creation and reduce long-term unemployment in your area.”


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