No General Crisis of Masculinity Says Report Launched By Minister Mary Coughlan TD

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Mary Coughlan TD, Minister for Social and Family Affairs, today launched the report "Young Men on the Margins" which was completed under the Government's Family Research Programme.

"I am very pleased to have assisted the production of this report on a valuable research project initiated by The Katherine Howard Foundation into the circumstances of young men on the margins of society," Minister Coughlan said.

"This report highlights a number of family-related risk features that were evident in the study of homeless men," added the Minister. "The similarity of characteristics apparent in the various marginalized categories point to similar pathways to exclusion."

The report notes that even though there is widespread change in masculine roles, the evidence is that many, perhaps most, men are adjusting and adapting to change. Some categories of men, mainly young, working class men, have found these social and economic transformations difficult. Males from these backgrounds are more likely to lack the economic and wider social benefits of education and marriage.

The conclusion of this report is that despite challenge and confusion amongst men there is no general crisis of masculinity.

This research into why particular social problems arise, the impact they have on individuals and communities, and how they might be overcome or prevented in the first place, will provide invaluable material to help policy makers target and respond to social need.

ENDS April 20 th 2004

Last modified:20/04/2004