Minister Coughlin Welcomes ESRI Report -Work-Poor Households: The Welfare Implications Of Changing Household Employment Patterns

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Mary Coughlan, Minister for Social and Family Affairs today welcomed an ESRI report which shows that households where none of the adults of working age were working fell from 22% in 1994 to less than 14% in 2000. The independent report conducted by the Economic and Social Research Institute also showed that the rate of work-poor households in Ireland, which was one of the highest in the EU in 1985, fell to the EU average by 2000.

Minister Coughlan stated, "The Report showed that the decline in joblessness was particularly strong among households with children. In 1994, 27% of children lived in jobless households, this fell to 9% in 2000. This was a particularly welcome development given the commitment to tackling child poverty."

Minister Coughlan said: "This Report highlights the importance of employment as a route out of poverty. This has been a corner stone of the National Anti-Poverty Strategy since 1997 and the Report shows the significant progress which has been made in this regard."

" The Report will be of value in the ongoing development of the Government’s anti-poverty strategy and in targeting policies to tackle poverty and unemployment, particularly among the categories of households most likely to have no one in work," the Minister added.

18th March, 2004

Last modified:18/03/2004