Tánaiste - Employment figures a landmark moment in recovery More than 1,100 people returning to full-time employment every week

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17 November 2015

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17 November, 2015 - The Tánaiste and Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton T.D., has welcomed today’s employment figures from the CSO, which show unemployment under 9% for the first time since December 2008, as a landmark moment in Ireland’s recovery.

The figures show that employment increased by 56,000 over the last 12 months – meaning more than 1,000 people are returning to work every week.

The Tánaiste said: "Behind every new job is a person or family benefitting in their own lives from the wider recovery. This is a crucial step in ensuring every family and every household benefits from renewed prosperity and opportunity, which is my focus as Labour Party leader".

There was an even bigger increase of 59,400 in full-time employment over the last 12 months, with a corresponding fall of 3,400 in part-time work. This means that more than 1,100 people are returning to full-time employment every week.

The Tánaiste said: "As the recovery becomes more established, in addition to securing new jobs, many people are moving from part-time employment to full-time jobs or are seeing their hours of employment increase.

"Unemployment is now down from a crisis peak of 15.1% to 8.9%, and through determined implementation of Government strategy, we will help create thousands of new jobs and good jobs and put Ireland firmly on the course to full employment by 2018.

"I particularly welcome the fact that long-term unemployment is down from 6.4% last year to 5% now. This is particularly crucial to ensure a generation are not left behind and reliant on social welfare while the economy takes off.

"We’ve much more work to do, because an 8.9% overall unemployment rate remains too high, but we are moving at speed in the right direction.

"Today my colleague, Jan O’Sullivan, is publishing a €2.8 billion school building programme that, in addition to catering for our children’s futures, will provide many thousands of jobs and apprenticeships over the next six years.

I will shortly bring forward the next phases of the Pathways to Work strategy to ensure jobseekers are equipped to avail of work, training and education opportunities, while Minister Bruton will bring forward the latest Action Plan for Jobs.

"Across Government, the number one focus continues to be on driving employment, and today’s figures demonstrate the progress being made".


Last modified:17/11/2015