Minister Doherty launches Supporting Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace

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Minister launching Supporting Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace; Guidelines for Employers and Employees, from left: Stephen O'Hara, CEO of TENI; the Minister; and Sarah Phillips, Chair of TENI.

Minister Doherty launches ‘Supporting Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace: Guidelines for Employers and Employees'

Friday, 15 December, 2017: Employment Affairs & Social Protection Minister, Regina Doherty, T.D. today launched ‘Supporting Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace: Guidelines for Employers and Employees’ which were prepared by TENI.

Speaking at the event, Minister Doherty referred to findings of a small sample survey undertaken by TENI earlier this year on Employment Experiences: “I was struck by some of the findings of this survey with 55% of respondents indicating that they have experienced or witnessed transphobic bullying in the work place.  Similarly, it shows that 54% have skipped work or thought about skipping work due to negative treatment and 45% believed that they had to stay in the closet about their gender identity.  Those findings clearly illustrate the need for these guidelines.  The advice in the guidelines is practical and the actions that they call for are manageable.    I’m sure that these guidelines will be of great assistance to both employers and employees.”

The Minister said she was pleased to read the positive comments emanating from the survey which show that some employers already have appropriate measures in place to support their transgender staff.  Dublin Bus, the Minister said, is one such employer and indeed leading the vanguard in this regard.   

The Minister noted: “The policy and guidelines of Dublin Bus on Workplace Gender Transition are a great example of the positive steps that employers can take.  The guidelines launched today will be very useful for employers and employees and that will ultimately make the workplace experience much more positive for transgender people.”

Minister Doherty also spoke of the review of the Gender Recognition Act, details of which were announced recently.  The group charged with the review held its first meeting this week.  One of the key terms of reference for the group is in relation to conducting a consultation process and the group are working on plans for that at present with a view to running the consultation process early in the New Year.  It is hoped that the review will be concluded by the end of May 2018. 

Note for Editors follows

Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI)

Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) seeks to improve conditions and advance the rights and equality of transgender people and their families.    TENI engages in activities that promote the equality and well-being of trans people in Ireland.      The organisation works nationally in four main areas: healthcare, employment, education and legislation.    There are three strands to the work:

  • Support - a range of support services that aim to increase the well-being of trans people and their families by providing support that mitigates common experiences of isolation, misunderstanding and exclusion.
  • Advocacy -  across legal, medical, societal and political structures to ensure that policy development and legislative reform reflects the positive recognition of trans inclusion, rights and equality.
  • Education - workshops and trainings that increase awareness, understanding and inclusion of trans issues across key sectors of Irish society.
With regard to its mission the organisation states:
Our Vision is an Ireland where trans people are understood, accepted and respected, and can participate fully in all aspects of Irish society. Ireland remains a place where it can be difficult for trans people to lead safe, healthy and full lives.  TENI is dedicated to ending transphobia, including stigma, discrimination and inequality and continues in the struggle for social, political and legal recognition of trans people in Ireland.”


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