New Stamp For Year Of Family - Mary Coughlan TD Minister For Social And Family Affairs

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Mary Coughlan TD, Minister for Social and Family Affairs, today at the EU conference on the Family in Dublin Castle, announced the launch of a special stamp to mark the 10th Anniversary of the UNInternational Year of the Family.

An Post will tomorrow (Saturday May 15, 2004) issue a special 65 cent stamp designed by Dublin-based graphic artist, Paul Raftery.
The stamp features the UN International Year of the Family logo – a heart sheltered by a roof linked by another heart, to symbolize life and love in a home where one finds warmth, caring, security, togetherness, tolerance and acceptance.

Concluding the successful conference on "Families, Change and Social Policy in Europe", Minister Coughlan and her colleagues listened to contributions from individual family members representing the different generations within families.
Families were represented by a grandparent, a parent, a non-EU national, a teenager and a child.

"We have during the course of the Conference heard from experts on many facets of families and family life," Minister Coughlan said.

"I have already undertaken a nationwide consultation which will be fully taken into account in developing the strategy as, of course, will the outcome of the conference. My hope is that we will find ways of more effectively pooling our policy development on supports for families at national level with that of EU countries, other countries in Europe and beyond, gaining from the exchange or our diverse experiences, knowledge and good practices."

May 14th 2004

Last modified:14/05/2004