Minister Doherty to Publish Civil Registration Bill 2019

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Minister Doherty to Publish Civil Registration Bill 2019
Government Approval for Changes to facilitate the registration and re-registration of births of children of same sex female couples affirming their parental rights

Tuesday, 12 February, 2019: The Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Regina Doherty T.D., today received Government approval to publish the Civil Registration Bill 2019. The Bill will resolve a number of difficulties in the registration of donor assisted births and will be progressed as a priority.
The main purpose of this Bill is to provide for registration of donor-assisted births and make it possible for both partners in a female same-sex relationship to be registered as parents.
In the case of children already born via a donor-assisted birth, the key provision of the Bill will provide for parents of same sex female couples to have particulars of both parents included on the certificate. Currently particulars of only one parent, the mother, can be included on the birth certificate. Under these new provisions both parents can be recorded as ‘parent’ on the birth certificate. This will equally apply to non-same sex parents should they so choose.
Minister Doherty said:
“I am delighted to move this matter quickly towards debate and legislation as this is a very sensitive issue and of great importance to those families affected. I have met with and spoken to many affected by this issue and I am now very pleased to be able to bring these changes forward as a priority to ensure that they can be introduced as soon as possible.”
The Bill also includes other amendments to civil registration that were previously agreed by the Government, including provisions:
  • that allow a mother to more easily rebut presumption of paternity of her estranged husband in registering a birth;
  • that provide a role for next-of-kin in registering a death in cases involving a coroner;
  • that allow the GRO to share historical records with the National Library or National Archives;
  • that allow the CSO to comply with EU Regulations concerning data collected in death registrations.
It is expected that the Bill will be published later this week and brought before the Houses of the Oireachtas.
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