Falling Live Register Shows Positive Policies Working -Minister For Social And Family Affairs

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The falling Live Register figures show the positive effect of Government policies to reduce unemployment, create jobs and tackle poverty, said Minister Mary Coughlan today.
"I welcome the further decrease in the Live Register as very encouraging," said Minister Coughlan today.
The latest figures show a fall of 4,220 on March of this year down to 164,600- a year on year decrease of 6,280 when compared with April of last year.

"These latest figures suggest that the numbers on the Live Register are responding to the relatively buoyant labour market existing at this time and the recent positive trends in unemployment are being maintained."

"This Government is committed to building a fairer society – instanced by increased spending on areas of social policy, social welfare, education and health in particular."

"These latest figures show Government policies are working positively to tackle poverty too which is on a consistent downward trend as we battle against social exclusion," added Minister Coughlan.

Ends May 11th 2004


Last modified:11/05/2004