“A Way of Life” money management resource is launched – Burton

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New MABS premises for Tuam and people of North Galway


New MABS Office for Carraroe, West Galway, Connemara and the Islands


Social Protection Minister, Joan Burton, T.D. today (Friday, 28th September) officially opened a new premises for the North Galway Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) at Barrack Street in Tuam and launched a training resource “A Way of Life”. While in Galway the Minister also officially opened a new MABS office in Carraroe that will be accessible to the people of West Galway, Connemara and the islands.

Speaking in Galway the Minister spoke of the increasing demand for the service that MABS provides through its network 51 local offices. “The current economic climate has seen an increase in the number of clients seeking the services and Galway is no exception. The North Galway office, which was established in 1995, has seen the number of clients using its service increase over the years with an average of 357 new clients per year between 2006 and 2011. At the end of June this year, the demand was at its highest level ever. North Galway MABS has four money advice staff.

South Galway MABS recognised a particular need to develop a service for people living in West Galway, Connemara and the islands, to help address the challenges that the people living in these areas had been confronted with. The MABS sub-office has one full-time money Advisor who provides a service through Irish and English.

In recent years the South Galway MABS has seen an increase in the number of people seeking its services. At the official opening of the new office in Carraroe Minister Burton said “The challenge of providing this valuable service over a wide geographical area cannot be underestimated and the opening of this office will greatly enhance the excellent service already being provided by the Galway South MABS Company. I am pleased to be here today to acknowledge the excellent service that the staff and volunteers on the Board of Management of Galway South MABS provide to the public and also to recognise their commitment over the years to the further development of the services. The work of each MABS company throughout the country is at all times driven by the vision and dedication of their respective Boards of Management, each of which has committed representatives from statutory and voluntary bodies that operate locally, and in the case of MABS, volunteer representation rooted in the local community.”

“A Way of Life”

Minister Burton launched a Training Resource “A Way of Life” training programme. The programme is a Money Management Resource that provides an opportunity to build links between the MABS and the Traveller Community that helps travellers to develop the skills and knowledge required for good money management.

In 2007/2008 North Galway MABS developed a Traveller Education Programme, in collaboration with MABS National Development Limited (Ndl), on money management with the Primary Healthcare Project at the Galway Traveller Training Centre. Due to the success of the North Galway initiative, the programme has been rolled out nationally for use in all Primary Health Care projects.

Minister Burton congratulated North Galway on its initiative. “I would like to acknowledge the work of the North Galway MABS. I firmly support the view that knowledge and understanding of travellers’ unique culture and status in Irish society is key to providing appropriate and accessible services and it gives me great pleasure to formally launch this resource here in Tuam today”. The purpose of this Training Resource is twofold. It facilitates the development of skills and knowledge required to avoid becoming over-indebted and it supports the MABS services in building links with their local Traveller Communities. The programme comprises elements on Managing Money, Control and Budgeting, Income Maximisation, Saving and Banking and Borrowing.

Further information: Joe Geraghty 087 2549683 or Veronica Scanlan 087 2547232

Last modified:28/09/2012