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A comprehensive information and resource guide on training and education opportunities in the Clondalkin area will be published with funding provided by Social and Family Affairs Minister Mary Coughlan.

"The guide, to be published by Clondalkin Partnership - Trainers Forum, will be more than just a listing of available courses. It will include case studies of people who have improved their lives through training and education. It will also have a finance section, which will indicate possible sources of funding, and a Social Welfare Benefits Section, which will give an overview of the supports available to people who are training or in education," said Minister Coughlan.

Referring to the case studies, Minister Coughlan said: "They can help people develop a 'they can, I can too' approach by illustrating past successes and how training and education has assisted other people."

"It has been consistently proven that employment is the best way of combating disadvantage and poverty. This guide will help people access education and training thereby enabling them to improve their employment opportunities," Minister Coughlan.

"The guide will be produced using 'plain English' and in a literacy friendly style with the assistance of my Department's information unit and the National Adult Literacy Agency. Last year I launched a simple language initiative within my Department – this guide is an example of this initiative working in practice," added Minister Coughlan.

Minister Coughlan has provided €11,000 to Clondalkin Partnership for the production of the guide.

ENDS - 7th June 2004


Note for News Editors

Case Study 1

Long-term unemployed man in his middle 50's with primary level education.

He had been employed as a part qualified mechanic for the majority of his working life but with the increasing need for certification in this trade he had struggled over the last 10 years in securing employment and had moved from employer to employer.

He joined a Jobs Club to increase his levels of self-esteem and to learn job-seeking skills, such as how to prepare a CV. After expressing an interest in the Fastrack to Information Technology PC Maintenance Course offered in Collinstown Park, he sat the aptitude test and was accepted onto the course. He has consistently performed as the top pupil in his class and already has a number of job offers with Dell and the Office of Public Works as a PC Maintenance Technician.

Case Study 2

Man in his early 20's, with Junior Certificate

He had 3 years work experience as general operative, van driver helper and courier. However he had low confidence but expressed an interest in focusing on training.

Having started a particular course in computing he found that it was not suitable. Following consultations he selected a more appropriate course at NTDI Kylemore - Computer & Personal Development Course. He applied, met with the NTDI Co-ordinator and started the course. He loves the course, as it goes at his own pace, his confidence levels have increased and he may continue the course into a second year.

Case Study 3

Man in his early 20's, with Junior Certificate.

He had experience as a Warehouse Assistant/Forklift Driver and as a Builder. He wanted to pursue a career working as a qualified Forklift Driver as he enjoyed it very much but did not have a Forklift Licence.

Following some mediation sessions he selected and was accepted on the AFAST Forklift Licence & Manual Handling Certificate Training course in Clondalkin. He received support from the Department of Social and Family Affairs and FÁS whilst on the course.

Following completion of the course he was assisted in applying for jobs and soon found a suitable position in Terenure.

Case Study 4

Woman in her late 40's

She had worked as a Data Operator until 1979 when she married. She hadn't worked or undertaken any form of training in over 20 years and had very low self-confidence and a low up-to-date skill level. She was interested in computer training as she enjoyed working as a Data Operator and would like to retrain and gain new skills to add to her experience so that she could work in a similar environment.

He mediator assured her that they would devise a Career Path Plan together and that the service was confidential.

To date she has completed the Basic Introduction to Computers Course and the Advanced Computer Skills Course at Bawnogue Education & Training Centre. She has also improved her self-confidence and self-esteem following training at a Job Club.

She is currently undertaking the FÁS Return to Work Course for Women and is currently actively seeking work with the assistance of the LES (Local Employment Service) mediator.

Case Study 5

Woman in her late 30's

She has been out of the workforce for twenty years due to rearing her family and had worked as a Secretary for just a couple of years. She recently separated from her husband who is unable to unable to assist with financial maintenance for both her and their two sons, who are in their early teens. This has left her in constant financial difficulty.

Her ultimate goal is to teach computers and business subjects at second level. With the assistance of her mediator, she has developed a career plan to reach this goal. He self-esteem has greatly improved as a result of taking this positive step and her mediator is confident of her ability to succeed.

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