Séamus Brennan, Minister for Social Affairs, today welcomes decrease in the Live Register figures

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"These latest Live Register figures are very encouraging," the Minister said. "The figures show that the numbers on the Live Register are responding to the relatively buoyant labour market existing at this time. It is also a clear indication of the continuing positive impact of the Government policies specifically targeted at tackling unemployment and providing jobs. The Government is committed to continuing and, where necessary, accelerating the policies that are making historic inroads into unemployment."

The numbers on the Live Register fell by 11,076 in the year to end-October 2004 bringing the total numbers down to 155,476. This represents a decrease of 4,990 on the previous month and compares with a decrease of 4,270 in the corresponding month last year. This monthly decrease reflected decreases in seven out of eight regions with the largest monthly decrease (-5.5%) being in the Dublin region.

The unemployment rate in October fell to 4.4% compared to 4.6% in April 2004.

Last modified:05/11/2004