Minister Urges More Travellers To Avail Of National Money Advice And Budgeting Service (MABS) When In Debt Or Facing Financial Problems

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Séamus Brennan Launches "Guide For MABS To Traveller Population And Accommodation"
To Promote & Increase Use Of Service

The Minister for Social Affairs, Séamus Brennan T.D., today urged more members of the Travelling Community to use the countrywide free, independent and confidential Money Advice & Budgeting Service ( MABS) when struggling with debt problems or difficulties accessing financial services and supports.

Minister Brennan was speaking in Dublin when launching a guide the National Traveller MABS organisation has compiled and published that involved creating individual maps for each Money Advice & Budgeting Service ( MABS) office in the country highlighting the Traveller accommodation and population in their particular area.

The unique mapping exercise is designed to promote and increase the use of the MABS service by the Traveller community and to assist the MABS offices in actively targeting the Travellers in their area and promoting the supports and advice the service can offer them.

Minister Brennan said: "National Traveller MABS is to be congratulated on producing such a valuable resource publication for MABS offices and Travellers alike. Over recent years the nationwide MABS service has assisted thousands of people to face up to debt problems, regain control of their finances and, in time of need, to gain access to affordable credit. While there has been a welcome increase in the use of MABS by the Traveller Community, I feel the MABS should be reaching more Travellers and assisting and supporting them through financial difficulties and in developing stronger links for them with the financial service providers linked to MABS."

" MABS is the Government supported and funded money advice and budgeting service for all those, especially low income and vulnerable people, who face the pressures and fears that being in debt situations brings. I would urge MABS, on the one hand, to work towards reaching more Travellers with their valuable advice and assistance and Travellers, on the other hand, to make more use of the genuine and constructive MABS service to help them chart their way out of debt and through financial difficulties."

National Traveller MABS was established in January 2005 to support MABS services nationally on issues relating to the Traveller community. It developed from Exchange House MABS, which identified lack of access to legal and affordable savings and credit as its main concern.

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Last modified:04/12/2006