Information Seminar For Sharefishermen - Mary Coughlan, Minister For Social And Family Affairs

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Mary Coughlan TD, Minister for Social and Family Affairs, today hosted an information seminar for sharefishermen in Killybegs, Co Donegal, in partnership with the Revenue Commissioners and the Killybegs Fishermen's Organisation.

Minister Coughlan said: "I think it extremely important that everyone engaged in employment of any kind should know what PRSI they are obliged to pay and why. They should be aware of what benefits they are entitled to should they become unemployed or ill. They should also know what contributions and conditions have to be satisfied in order to receive a contributory old age pension when the time comes."

Every person aged sixteen and over who is employed in this country whether as an employee or as a self-employed person is obliged to pay a contribution towards their PRSI. The amount of that contribution varies depending on the category of PRSI that refers to the type of employment they are engaged in. The category of PRSI will then determine the types of benefits and entitlements they are eligible for when the need arises.

Presentations were given on general PRSI and benefits entitlements, pensions, the historical background to the insurability of sharefishermen, and relevant taxation issues, followed by a question and answer session with staff of the Department of Social and Family Affairs and Revenue Commissioners.

ENDS July 1st 2004

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