Minister Coughlan Visits Tullacmongan Family Resource Centre

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Mary Coughlan T.D., Minister for Social and Family Affairs, today praised the work of the staff and Management Committee of the Tullacmongan Family Resource Centre during the course of an official visit to the centre.

During her visit Minister Coughlan said: "Initiatives like the Tullacmongan Family Resource Centre help to address marginalisation and exclusion. The services which your Centre provides address the multi-faceted needs of men, women and children who may be going through particularly traumatic situations or are experiencing a whole range of problems which have left them feeling isolated and powerless," said Minister Coughlan.

"All of this dedication and commitment is, of course, inspired by a vision of a change for the good of the community. This is a vision to which both myself as Minister and the Family Support Agency which administers the Family Resource Centre Programme are wholly committed to," said Minister Coughlan.

"It is through a combination of local community initiatives on the ground and support from statutory agencies and other bodies that local communities can realise their potential to play a real part and have a real say in their own development," said Minister Coughlan.

Minister Coughlan emphasised the centrality of the family in our society and the need for public policy to reflect this. In this context she referred to the major European Conference on families which she will host in Dublin during May and the family conference to be hosted by the Family Support Agency in October.

"I feel that it is also important to get an Irish perspective on these important issues and I am delighted to be able to confirm that the Family Support Agency will host a major Irish conference on the family and family issues in October this year," said Minister Coughlan.

She also referred to the report of the nationwide consultation process on family policy launched recently and the €1m she is providing for a special awards scheme to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the UN International Year of the Family. This funding is open to family and community groups nationwide.

"I am sure that the Tullacmongan Family Resource Centre will be interested in this scheme and indeed I look forward to receiving applications for the scheme from family groups throughout the country," added Minister Coughlan.

ENDS 8 th April 2004

Notes for News Editor

Tullacmongan Family Resource Centre

The Tullacmongan Family Resource Centre is funded by the Family Support Agency under the Family & Community Services Resource Centre Programme. Its funding has increased from €51,848 in 2001 to €65,400 last year.

Its aims include:

  • to co-ordinate and provide support to existing groups in the area
  • to tackle unemployment and the issues for the unemployed in the area with the aim to empower the unemployed in their community
  • to raise awareness regarding health & lifestyle issues within the community
  • to respond to the needs of the community especially those most at risk, i.e. the elderly, lone parents, travellers, early school-leavers and men

Contact details

Tullacmongan Family Resource Centre
Kilmooney Drive
Phone: 049-4372730
Fax: 049-4372977

Family Resource Centre Programme

The FRC Programme was established in 1994 with the aim of combating disadvantage and improving the functioning of the family unit. The centres funded under the programme provide special services, such as counselling and information for lone parents, young mothers and socially excluded families. They seek to enhance the self-esteem and potential of people by working closely with them within their communities. They encourage the participation of local people in all aspects of the centres work, including planning and management.

Family Support Agency

Minister Coughlan formally launched the Family Support Agency on May 15 th last. Its main task is to protect the family, by supporting the stability of family life and addressing the effects of changing family formation.

The Family Support Agency provides a family mediation service, develops marriage and relationship counselling, undertakes research and advises the Minister on family issues and works in partnership with the community and voluntary sector. The Family Support Agency has been allocated a budget of more than €20m for this year.

Awards Scheme for the 10 th Anniversary of UN International Year of the Family

Applicants are asked to refer to one or more of the general themes, in their applications, that have already featured in the family consultation forums hosted around the country last year by Minister Coughlan, namely:

  • Parenting and childhood
  • Balancing work and family life
  • Relationships
  • Family as carer
  • Community support for families.

Awards will be on a once-off basis and must be uses and accounted for within the year.

The closing date for applications is Friday 30 th April 2004. Application forms and further information are available on the website or from:

The Family Affairs Unit
Department of Social and Family Affairs
Floor 1
Store Street
Dublin 1
Tel: (01) 704-3060

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