State Pension (Transition) and State Pension (Contributory)

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These are social insurance payments made when you reach age 65 (for State Pension (Transition)) and 66 (for State Pension (Contributory)). They are based on your social insurance (PRSI) record.

The pensions are not means tested, so your personal rate is not affected by other income you may have such as an occupational pension. However, the Increase for a Qualified Adult is means tested.

State Pension (Transition) is only paid for one year from age 65. You must be retired from insurable employment to qualify for State Pension (Transition). When you reach age 66 you will be automatically transferred to State Pension (Contributory). The rate of your pension is not affected by this changeover.

You can claim State Pension (Contributory) from age 66. You can continue working while receiving State Pension (Contributory).

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection will not deduct income tax from your pension. However, your pension and any of the associated allowances listed in section 6 are regarded as income for income tax purposes and your liability for tax will depend on your overall circumstances.

Please address all enquiries about your income tax liability to your local tax office.

Last modified:24/01/2012

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