Why Choose EURES Ireland?

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Have you ever thought about broadening your horizons  

by working in another European country?

EURES Ireland assists jobseekers in search for employment in Europe.


Are you an employer who wishes to increase your company’s potential  

by recruiting from Europe?

EURES Ireland can help employers to recruit for specialised or hard-to-fil vacancies in Europe.


EURES Ireland is offering jobseekers exciting opportunities to upskill and gain experience in Europe.

Through the EURES Ireland “EYE” (Experience Your Europe) initiative and the Co- sponsored Placement programme, a number of placements for up to 12 months in different European countries are available every year.  For the duration of the placement the jobseeker will be Co- Sponsored by EURES Ireland and the Employer offering the placement. Several jobseekers have already taken part in this programme and have secured full time employment as a result.

See some of the EURES Ireland success stories below:


Iluminata Media, the Netherlands

"Through this experience I am now ‘YouTube’ Certified, which is a great addition to my CV to make it stand out, and now I have a job that I really like. I couldn't have asked for a better experience." Sarah Mullen Employee of Illuminata Media, Dublin
"We were very pleased with the quality of the candidates you referred to us. There are at least 5 suitable for the program. I wish we could take on a few more." Jennifer Feaster, CEO Illuminata Media

Hardscore Games, Germany


"I am benefiting from the scheme greatly.  My technical skills have probably doubled since the time I have started my work placement" Darren Kelly, Hardscore Games, Berlin. Darren completed his placement in September 2016 and is now employed full time with the company.

Gearworks, Denmark

"The program is such an incredible opportunity for those looking for work especially for someone like myself who is trained in a specialised discipline (computer games development). The program enabled me to get my first job as a junior (not an intern) in a game studio while also getting to experience living in a different city, something I would not thought of doing if I didn't have the support of the co- sponsored placement programme." Aoibhinn McAuley, completed her placement in June 2016


Animoon, Poland




"Currently I'm animating, which is exactly what I was studying in college. I hope to find a job in the animation field when I'm finished…. I'd advise people not to be frightened to change their environment, it’s refreshing", Martyna Barkowska , Currently placed with Animoon in Warsaw




Last modified:17/10/2018