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Sponsoring Community Employment

Voluntary organisations and public bodies may sponsor projects which are for community and public benefit. To facilitate the provision of development and training for participants, DEASP encourages that projects employ 15 or more participants and a full-time supervisor. See more about Eligible Projects.
The sponsor is provided with resources to employ unemployed people as participants. Through their period spent at work on a project, participants improve their chances of being integrated into subsequent employment elsewhere in the local economy. The eligibility criteria for each of the options are outlined here.
DEASP pays a wages grant to participants for the full period of employment. A contribution towards full-time supervision and materials costs will be made, while grants towards participant development – a specific skills training grant – are also provided. Details can be found at Allowances and Funding. As a sponsor of the participants, the PRSI liability owing is at the A8/A9 rate of 0.5%. DSP contributes towards the sponsor's PRSI costs of employing a supervisor (Class A rate). Income will be assessed for PAYE in the normal way.
If you feel that you or your organisation would like to sponsor a Community Employment programme, you can apply to your local DEASP Community Services Manager with a plan setting out your objectives and work programme. For further information, contact your local Intreo Centre or Local Social Welfare Branch Office.
Last modified:09/08/2018

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