Social Inclusion Division - Research

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The Department’s research programme has since 1987, played a central role in informing national anti-poverty strategies and actions plans for social inclusion. The Department’s research and policy analysis responsibilities are met by in-house staff with relevant expertise and by externally funded  research. The Division also consults with a technical expert group made up of a range of stakeholders, including other Government Departments and Social Partners. The Social Inclusion Division on behalf of the Department provides information based on research and policy analysis to inform policy decisions. The research aims of the Division are:
  • To provide information and research evidence with regard to poverty impacts, as required, on policy proposals and draft policy/strategy initiatives.
  • To provide technical support to relevant Government departments on the distributive and poverty impacts of budgetary proposals and policy measures
  • To carry out in-house qualitative and quantitative research, as required
  • To provide information and analysis on policy issues
  • To produce both written and oral briefs for policy colleagues and ministers, based on reviews of research evidence
  • To manage the ESRI Research Programme
  • To manage the DSPRIA Programme




Last modified:10/03/2016