Scheme Name Changes

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Staff are reminded of a number of scheme name changes which have occurred or are about to happen shortly.

State Pension

From 29 September 2006 Old Age(non-con) Pension will be replaced by a new pension scheme, State Pension (non-contributory).

State Pension (Non-Contributory) is a means-tested payment for people age 66 or over, who do not qualify for a State Pension (Transition) or a State Pension (Contributory) on their record of social insurance contributions. It will completely replace the old age non-contributory pension scheme. It will also replace the following means-tested payments but only to the extent where those schemes apply to people age 66 and over;

  • widow/er's non-contributory pension
  • deserted wife's allowance
  • lone parent's allowance
  • prisoner's wife's allowance
  • blind pension
  • one-parent family payment

People under age 66 will continue to be eligible to claim one of the above payments provided they satisfy the qualifying conditions.

* Retirement Pension as State Pension (Transitional), effective from 28th September, 2006,

* Old Age (Contributory) Pension as State Pension (Contributory), effective from 29th September, 2006,

  • Orphan's (Contributory) Allowance and Orphan's (Non-Contributory) Pension as Guardian's Payment (Contributory) and Guardian's Payment (Non-Contributory) respectively, effective from 28th July, 2006,

    * Disability Benefit as Illness Benefit, effective from 2nd October, 2006,

    * Unemployability Supplement as Incapacity Supplement, effective from 2nd October, 2006,

    * Unemployment Assistance as Jobseeker's Allowance, effective from 4th October, 2006, and

    * Unemployment Benefit as Jobseeker's Benefit, effective from 5th October, 2006.

Payment from birthday (SPT, SPC)

Pensioners will now be entitled to payment of their pension with effect from the day they reach pension age. Each day will be paid at 1/7th of their weekly entitlement. Changes take effect from 28 September for SPT and 29 September for SPC

The rationale behind this change is to ensure that claimants do not lose a days payment before the weekly payment cycle kicks in. This was particularly an issue for people migrating onto pension from short term schemes as they could only be paid up to the day before their birthday on short term schemes.

Automatic transfer of SPT to SPC from 66th birthday.

All recipients of SPT will be automatically transferred onto SPC on reaching their 66th birthday. The underlying rationale is to streamline schemes. In effect, State Pension Transition will only be payable for a maximum of 1 year in future.

Invalidity Pension Customers transfer to State Pension Con.

All Invalidity Pension Customers will qualify for SPC on reaching their 66th birthday. Migrations will run automatically each week without officer intervention. A bulk migration of c. 10,000 recipients of Invalidity Pension will take place from 29September 2006.

The rationale is to streamline options for people aged 66 and over.

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