Publication - Disability Sectoral Plan July 2006 - Appendix 1. Position Audit

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Appendix 1. Position Audit



Are protocols and procedures in place for dealing with customers with disability?

Is there a system in place to identify customers with a disability who have special requirements?

Have you established a customer service system, which includes:

  • Customer Panel?
  • Complaints procedures?
  • Customer feedback, including improvement suggestions?
  • Do these include comments on the physical environment of your office?

Have you used this system to consider, and where appropriate, utilise customer feedback for:

  • Updating policies, procedures and practices?
  • Dealing with complaints?
  • Dealing with negative attitudes within the organisation?
  • Building on good practice?
  • Identifying potential improvements to the physical accessibility of and within your office?
  • Identifying potential increased usage of adaptive technology in your office?

Do you use this system to implement reasonable improvements to:

  • The physical accessibility and the general environment of your office?
  • The availability of adaptive technology?
  • Is it able to identify requests and the action taken?
  • Are written records kept?

Do you keep statistics on the numbers of customers with disability who have special requirements who interact with your office?

Do all staff understand their responsibilities and the provisions of the Disability Act 2005?

Have all staff been informed of the provisions and requirements of the Disability Act 2005 in relation to the services they administer?

Has disability awareness training been received by all staff, especially those in direct contact with the public?

If you answered yes to the previous question – Is this training designed to be specifically relevant to the issues they are likely to encounter?

Is an accurate record of disability training maintained?

Have you made future plans for Disability Awareness training? If yes, please attach a copy.

Is guidance provided to your staff regarding dealing with requests for alternative accessible formats, e.g. large print, audio tape/CD and Braille?

Is there awareness in your office of the facility within the Department to print forms/information leaflets in Braille?

Is there a dedicated telephone contact number in place for people with disability who have special requirements?

Have staff been made aware of the recent enhancements to Infosys which may indicate a customer's special needs? (O/N 71/05 refers)

Have you any plans to improve the services to people with disability? If yes, please attach a copy.

Part 2 (a) – Physical Access

Where car parking is available, is there a designated parking area for disabled customers?

Is your office accessible to customers using wheelchairs?

If your office operates a service to the public that is situated on an upper floor, is there a wheelchair accessible lift in the building?

If not, do you have any other arrangements in place?

Are the emergency exits in your building accessible to wheelchair users?

Do customers have access to a receptionist /information desk/ services officer at all times when your office is open to the public?

Is your office signage in large print and displayed appropriately?

Is there a specific sign to guide customers with special needs towards personal assistance in your office?

Part 2(b) - Customer Service

Can a customer make a claim that will be processed in your office via the Department's Website?

Can a customer make a claim by telephone call to your office?

In your office, do staff who require access to the Dept's website to provide quality customer service have such access?

If not, how many staff do not have such access?

Are there plans to make it available to all staff in your office by end 2006?

Is there a facility for staff to personally assist customers with the completion of forms when they call to your office?

Are staff encouraged to do so?

Are all Claim Forms / Information Leaflets available in Large Print from your office?

Are all Claim Forms / Information Leaflets available in Braille from your office?

Does your office have a Braille printer?

In your office can staff access forms or information in Braille on behalf of customers should they require it?

Does your office offer alternative accessible formats such as CDs, Audio tapes, DVDs, CD-ROMs, etc to assist customers in making a claim?

Has your office been requested to furnish forms/ information through assisted technology in the past 12mths?

Does the PC based JAWS system operate in your office?

If not, would you consider making a business case for its installation in your office?

Does the Loop system operate in your office?

If not, would you consider making a business case for its installation in your office?

Is there a Sign Language Communicator available?

If not, does your office have other arrangements in place?

Is there awareness in your office that only Claim Forms / Information Leaflet which have been checked by Information Section / NALA for their Literacy and plain English content, etc. are to used?

Are all requests for any additional information required made in writing to the customer?

Are decisions communicated to customers in writing only?

Can the customer ask your staff to contact them by phone?

Part 3(a) Ongoing communications with customers with identified special needs

In your office, when a customer's special requirements have been identified, are steps taken to ensure that ongoing communications with that customer are in the format most appropriate to his/her needs?

Are details of a customer's communications needs recorded locally?

Do you have a facility to issue Mailshot details in Braille?

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