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If you are blind or visually impaired and you need assistance with job-related reading, you may be entitled to a grant to allow you to employ a Personal Reader. This grant is only payable if you are employed in the private sector.

The Department will pay an hourly fee, in line with the current minimum wage. It will be paid for an agreed period up to a maximum of 640 hours per year.


You can apply for a Personal Reader grant if:

  • You are employed in the private sector and need assistance with work-related readingĀ  which is part of your duties because of a visual impairment;
  • You have recently become visually impaired and are in danger of losing your job as a result of this impairment;
  • Due to becoming visually impaired you are going to do new or different work for your employer;
  • Your promotion prospects are being restricted because of reading difficulty due to your visual impairment.


  • You, the employee, contact your local DEASP Intreo Centre or Case Officer to obtain the application forms, or download them here: Part 1 and Part 2;
  • You complete both forms and bring or send them to your local DEASP Intreo Centre or Case Officer;
  • You and your employer meet a Case Officer from the Department and agree the weekly and total number of hours for which you need a Personal Reader - based on the amount of reading required - and the hourly rate payable to your Personal Reader;
  • If the application is approved, the Department pays you a grant to pay the agreed costs of your personal reader, when you send in a Claim Form at the end of each month.

The personal reader must not be replacing any reading help normally given by work colleagues, relatives or friends.

Contact Information

Contact details for the Personal Reader Grant can be accessed here.

Last modified:06/08/2019

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