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The Personal Public Service Number (PPS No.) is a person's unique reference number for all dealings with the public service, including social welfare, tax, education and health services.

The PPS No. replaced the Revenue and Social Insurance Number (RSI No.), so if an employee has an RSI No. there is no need to apply for a PPS Number.

Who has a Personal Public Service Number?

  • people who have worked in this country since 1979
  • people getting a Social Welfare payment or benefit
  • people in the Drugs Payments Scheme
  • medical card holders

All children are automatically allocated a PPS No. when a claim is made for Child Benefit or when a child is claimed for as a dependant of an adult who is getting a social welfare payment.

If an employee does not know their PPS No. they should contact their Local Office of the Department of Social and Family Affairs. Where a new number is required, the person must supply the Local Office with their Birth Certificate, a Passport or Driving Licence and supporting documentation, such as household bills (see leaflet SW 100 for more information).

Make sure you know the PPS No. of each of your employees

It is vital that you quote the correct PPS No. for each of your employees on your P35L end-of-year return.

Without the correct PPS No. we may not be able to update your employee's social insurance record or process any claim to social welfare benefit. This will, almost certainly, lead to many enquiries, which you will have to deal with as an employer.

If you need help in tracing PPS No.(s) for any of your employee(s), please contact:

Client Eligibility Services 
LoCall: 1890 690 690 (from the Republic of Ireland only) or Telephone: +353 1 4715898 (from Northern Ireland or overseas)
(see useful addresses in paragraph 70)

You will need the following information when you call:

  • your own employer's PAYE Registration Number,
  • the employee's name and address, and
  • the employee's date of birth.

Alternatively, you may fax in a request with the above information on your headed notepaper to:

Client Eligibility Services
Fax: (01) 704 3392

Last modified:19/01/2010

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