Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) Records

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Your Personal Public Service Number (PPS Number)

Your PPS Number (formerly known as the RSI No.) is your unique reference number for all transactions with Government Departments and Public Bodies (Social Welfare, Health Boards, Revenue, etc.).

You will need your PPS No. for ALL dealings with the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

Your PPS Number can be found on a Social Services Card, a Temporary Payment Card, a Drugs Payment Card, a P60, P45, a PAYE notice of Tax Credits, a Tax Assessment, letters from Social Welfare or Revenue, or your pay slip (if it contains your name).

Children are automatically allocated a PPS Number when Child Benefit is claimed or when a child is included on an adult’s Social Welfare payment.

If you cannot find your number you should contact your Local Social Welfare/Intreo Office who will assist you. If you do not have a number, one will be requested on your behalf.

Further information is available on the PPS Number section of the website

Keeping a record of your PRSI - Important documents:


At the end of each tax year your employer will give you a P60 Form. Your P60 shows total pay, the number of weeks pf employment, tax, PRSI deductions and PRSI Class for the tax year.

Check that your PPS number, PRSI weeks and the PRSI Class are correct on the P60.

You should keep your P60 for at least 2 years. You may need it to claim a refund of income tax or if you are making a claim for social insurance benefits.


If you leave your job, your employer must give you a P45 Form. Your P45 shows your total pay, weeks of employment, tax and PRSI deductions from the start of the tax year until the date you leave your job. You will need your P45 if you get a new job or if you claim an unemployment payment.

Check that your PPS number, PRSI weeks and PRSI Class are correct on the P45.

You have the right by law to examine and get a statement of your PRSI record held by your employer.

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