Pathways to Work Research

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Pathways to Work 2015 commits to a rolling programme of process and programme evaluations of PtW reforms. The 2016-2020 strategy further commits to building the evidence base through research and evaluation to inform the design and delivery of enhanced services to people who are unemployed.​The evaluation sub-group of the Labour Market Council monitors progress on the programme, providing technical inputs and peer-reviewing outputs.
One evaluation is currently underway:

Evaluation of JobsPlus

Six evaluations have been completed:

1.(2015) Evaluation of the Back to Education Allowance. ESRI: Dublin.


2.(2016) JobBridge Evaluation Report. Indecon: Dublin.


3. (2017) Working paper: An evaluation of the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance. DEASP.


4. (2017) Exploring Drivers of Back to Education Allowance Employment Outcomes. BMG Research.


5. (2019)An Initial Evaluation of the effectiveness of Intreoactivation reforms.

6. (2019) Evaluation of JobPath

Last modified:11/04/2019