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MEDICAL CERTIFICATES - Credited Contributions for Public servants


Civil and Public servants aged under 66 who were paying PRSI at Class B, C or D and retire due to ill health are entitled to credited contributions for each week they are certified unfit for work.


The main legislative provisions governing the Credited Contribution Scheme for Public Servants who retire on ill health grounds are:-

Article’s 58 (4) and 67 of S.I. 312 of 1996


Description of scheme

Credited contributions, which continue cover for Widow's (Contributory), Widower's (Contributory) or Surviving Civil Partner’s (Contributory) Pension only are awarded on receipt of medical certification of illness and inability to work to cover the period in question.  

Note: While Class B, C or D paid contributions are also reckonable for Carer’s Benefit and Guardian’s Payment (Contributory), entitlement to both of these schemes is based on paid contributions only, therefore credited contributions are not reckonable for either scheme.

The first medical certificate should be submitted with the application form (CR35).  Subsequent annual medical certificates should be submitted on 1 January each year and should be dated from 1st January to the 31st December of the relevant year.  The certificates should be submitted for as long as the person is incapable of work or until he or she reaches age 66.  On receipt of the medical certificates, credited contributions are awarded.

Information Leaflet and application form

An information leaflet Giving up work due to ill health (SW 20) and an application form (CR 35) are available at



The scheme is administered by Client Eligibility Services, Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, McCarter's Road, Buncrana, Co. Donegal, IRELAND.

(See also separate guideline PRSI - Credited Social Insurance Contributions )


Last modified:03/02/2015

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