Occupational Injury Benefit Late Claims SW101(A)

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Claims for Occupational Injury Benefit must be made within 21 days of the start of your illness or incapacity.

If your application is late, we may backdate your payment if you have a good reason for the delay. We normally only backdate payment up to a maximum of six months from the date we receive your application.

However, it is possible to backdate payment for more than six months in certain exceptional circumstances.

All late applications must be accompanied by medical evidence as follows:

  • A First Certificate (MC 1) stating the date your illness began.
  • A letter from your doctor confirming that you have been attending on a regular basis. The letter should give details of date/frequency of visits and the reason why certificates were not issued at the time of the visits. The letter should also state whether you have been ill and incapable of work since the illness began. If you attended hospital as an out-patient the dates of attendance should be stated. If you were an in-patient the dates of admission and discharge should be stated.
  • A current certificate (MC 2).
    Last modified:22/09/2015