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MyGovID is a secure online identity verification service that the Department of Social Protection (DEASP) carries out on behalf of bodies providing public services online.

In order to use this service, you must first register with MyGovID. You will need to provide an email address as a username.

Once you have registered in this way, you will have a basic MyGovID account. 
Services currently available to holders of a basic account are:

  • book an appointment for Personal Public Service Number allocation,
  • book an appointment for registration for a Public Services Card, and
  • Access the JobsIreland website.   

Each body providing public services online sets the level of identity verification required for a particular service offered. Some services will be available at a basic MyGovID account level, but higher value services will require a verified account. Verified accounts are securely linked via data captured during SAFE registration, so you must be SAFE registered to have a verified account.   

Services currently available to holders of verified accounts include:

  • Jobseekers Benefit claims (DEASP)
  • Maternity Benefit claims (DEASP)
  • Paternity Benefit claims (DEASP)
  • Myaccount (Revenue)

Proposed future services to holders of verified accounts include:

  • School Transport Appeal (Dept. of Education)  - September 2017
  • Checking eligibility for Treatment benefits (DEASP)  - November 2017
  • Passport online renewal (Passport Office)  - Q4 2018
  • Access to Driver Theory test (RSA)  - December 2017
  • Drivers Licence online renewal (RSA)  - March 2018
  • Student grant application (SUSI)  - April 2018
  • School Grant Appeal (Dept. of Education) - September 2018
  • Online Health Portal (HSE)  - September 2018
  • Online access to services (Dept. Agriculture, Food and the Marine) - September 2018

Where a body providing public services online uses the MyGovID identity verification service, you will be passed from their website to the website.

If you have already registered, then you will enter your username (email address) and password. If not, then you will need to register at this point.

The body providing public services online may require some or all of your Public Service Identity Dataset, as well as your username (email address) and phone number, to be securely passed to them to conduct the transaction digitally with them.

You will be asked to consent to this before logging in.  If you do not consent to this, then you will be unable to verify your identity for the body providing public services online in this way.

Last modified:16/11/2018

 Link to MyGovId

  • MyWelfare Website