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Job Clubs provide a service to assist jobseekers to enter / re-enter employment through the provision of individualised supports, a ‘drop in’ service and formal workshops. The Job Club service enables jobseekers to take positive steps towards realising their career plans and to explore and follow-up employment opportunities. Job Clubs provide active, practical and participative supports under the guidance and supervision of a Job Club leader.

The Job Club aims to expand awareness and to help jobseekers understand how the application of simple techniques can greatly enhance their jobseeking skills. Through the supports available jobseekers will be more acutely aware of their employable/marketable personal attributes.

  • Individualised support: allows jobseekers to avail of practical and personal support on a one to one basis e.g. pre-interview support.
  • Drop-in service: allows jobseekers to avail of the facilities of the Job Club (e.g. internet, telephone, photocopying) at their own convenience.
  • Formal workshops: can vary from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the needs of the jobseekers. A calendar of planned workshops is available in the Employment Service and LES offices.
    Jobseekers must be referred by an Employment Services Office or LES office to the formal workshops and will receive €20 per week to help in managing any additional costs they incur in attending the formal workshops only.

It is intended that the Job Clubs formal workshops will be flexible and responsive to the special requirements and aptitudes of jobseekers and/or sectorial requirements.  Topics covered on the workshops may include for example:

  • Profiling of individual clients skills and matching with employment opportunities;
  • Individual Employment Plan;
  • Understanding of interview process; the employers approach and the development and practice of interview skills;
  • Preparing for interviews; CV preparation;
  • Sourcing and approaching referees;
  • Local economy, employers, job opportunities;
  • The value of transferable skills;
  • Communications skills in the workplace;
  • Group participation and motivation;
  • Using the internet in job searching, online applications;
  • The world of work.
    Click on the link to view Job Club Locations throughout the country.
Last modified:14/05/2013

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