Job Opportunities in Ireland

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The economy of Ireland is a modern knowledge economy, focusing on services and high-tech industries. As an international trading economy, with a small domestic market, Ireland is heavily dependent on foreign trade and investment. Regularly cited as one of the most open markets in the world, and rating highly in globalisation indexes.

With improved performance of all sectors of the economy, skills shortages appear across a range of occupations including:

  • Professionals/associate professionals:
    • ICT (software developers, cloud, databases/big data, testing, security, technical support, networking and infrastructure)
    • Engineering (production, process, quality, validation, product design/development, electronic, electrical, mechanical and chemical)
    • Science (analytical development chemist, formulation scientist, microbiologist, QC analyst/validation technician)
    • Business & finance (risk, compliance, accounting, business intelligence, data analytics)
    • Health (doctors, nurses, radiographers, niche area specialists (e.g. prosthetists, radiation therapists, audiologists), managers)
    • Construction (surveyors, project managers)
  • Clerical (multilingual financial clerks in fund accounting/administration, credit controllers, payroll specialists)
  • Skilled trades (chefs, tool making, welding (TIG, MIG), butchers/de-boners, steel-erector)
  • Sales (technical sales, multilingual customer support)
  • Operatives (CNC, drivers (fork lift and special vehicle))
  • Retention issues (care, chefs, butchers/de-boners, elementary)

More details on these shortages can be found in the National Skills Bulletin.

Last modified:16/11/2016