Job Interview Interpreter Grant

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If you are a jobseeker who is deaf, hard of hearing or has a speech impairment and you are attending job interviews with private sector employers, you may apply for funding to have a sign language interpreter or other interpreter attend the interviews with you.


The Department will pay a fee for a three-hour period on a sliding scale depending on the level of qualification of your interpreter. Travel costs for the interpreter are paid at a set rate. You can apply for funding to employ an interpreter for each job interview you attend.


Funding can also be provided to cover the costs of employing an interpreter to help you during the induction period when you start work with a private sector employer. A maximum of three hours interpreter support is available, to be used by you as you feel you need it.


You can apply for the Job Interview Interpreter Grant (JIIG) if you:

  • Are deaf or hard of hearing or have a significant speech impairment;
  • Are actively seeking employment or have just started employment;
  • Feel you would benefit from having a sign language interpreter and/or other interpreter present at job interviews or for an induction period.

The Interpreter

You are responsible for sourcing and selecting your own sign language interpreter or other interpreter for your job interview or induction. Your interpreter can be a friend, a family member or a professionally qualified sign language or other interpreter.


If you do not already have an interpreter, you can source sign language interpretation services nationwide through:

Some of these companies offer a remote interpreting service, which allows you to book an Irish sign language interpreter to be present at an interview, etc., via a remote video link (e.g. Skype, OoVoo, etc.).


  • You, the jobseeker or newly hired employee, should contact your local Intreo Centre or Social Welfare Office to obtain the JIIG application forms, or download them from this site.
  • You should complete the forms as far as you can before your job interview/induction.
  • If possible, you should have the JIIG Application Form Section 2 signed and approved by a DEASP Case Officer prior to the interview/induction, or you should at least try to get verbal approval for the grant from a DEASP Case Officer before your interview/induction.
  • You should bring the JIIG application forms Section 1 and Section 2 to your job interview or induction and you should ask the employer/company and your interpreter to sign and stamp them there.
  • You should return the application forms to your local Intreo Centre or Social Welfare Branch Office or to your DEASP Case Officer, along with the documentation requested in the JIIG Application Form Section 2.
  • If your application is approved, payment will be made directly to the interpreter or to the interpreting service.

Contact Information

Contact details for the Job Interview Interpreter Grant can be accessed here.

Last modified:06/08/2019

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