Injury Benefit

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Injury Benefit is one of the benefits available under the Occupational Injuries Scheme.

It is a weekly payment made to you if you are unfit for work due to an accident at work or because you have contracted a disease due to the type of work you do.

An occupational disease is a disease that you contract in the course of your work, for example, from contact with physical or chemical agents. Diseases from an occupation are generally contracted over time but may occasionally develop from a once-off accident at work.

For a list of prescribed occupational diseases, log on to

An accident while on an unbroken journey to or from work is also regarded as an accident at work.

In general, if you pay PRSI at Classes A, D, J and M, you are covered for Injury Benefit.

PRSI Class B (paid by Civil Servants recruited before 6 April 1995) does not give cover for Injury Benefit but does give cover for other benefits under the Occupational Injuries Scheme.

Self-employed people are not covered under the scheme.

Last modified:02/07/2019

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