After-school Child Care Scheme - SW 135

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  1. What is the after-school child (ASCC) care scheme?
  2. Am I eligible for this scheme?
  3. How are places allocated?
  4. How long does the allocated place last?
  5. If I meet these conditions how do I apply?
  6. I did not know about this scheme before: can I apply now?
  7. For more information

If you want to apply for a subsidised after-school child care place, you should contact your local Intreo Centre or your local Social Welfare Office. They will explain how the application process works and give you the relevant forms.

If you are then eligible for the scheme they will provide you with an eligibility letter and refer you to the relevant County Childcare Committee who will arrange your childcare place(s).

Last modified:27/08/2015