How much can I get?

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  1. What is the Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Civil Partner’s Non-Contributory Pension?
  2. How do I qualify for this payment?
  3. What is a means test?
  4. How much can I get?
  5. How do I get my payment?
  6. What is the Household Budget Service?
  7. How long will my payment last?
  8. What other benefits are available?
  9. When and how do I apply?
  10. Where can I get more information?
  11. Points to Note     

Your rate of payment depends on your weekly means. You can have weekly means from any source (for example, cash income, property, investments or savings) of up to €7.60 a week and still get the maximum rate of pension. You should tell us of any increase or change in your means.
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Last modified:22/11/2011

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