How long does the allocated place last?

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  1. What is the after-school child (ASCC) care scheme?
  2. Am I eligible for this scheme?
  3. How are places allocated?
  4. How long does the allocated place last?
  5. If I meet these conditions how do I apply?
  6. I did not know about this scheme before: can I apply now?
  7. For more information

If you are allocated one or more after-school child care place(s), your entitlement will last for 52 weeks once your circumstances do not change.

If your circumstances change, you must contact your local Intreo Centre or Social Welfare Office.

This may affect your continued entitlement, if,

  • you lose your job, or
  • you reduce your employment; or
  • you leave your employment programme; or
  • your child is no longer of primary school age.

The After-school Childcare Scheme is a onetime support for 52 weeks and it cannot be used by a parent as a support a second time. However, once you are eligible, you can choose when you wish to avail of this support, for example while you are on an employment programme, when taking up employment or a combination of both.

Please see examples below.

Example 1:

Mary starts a new job in June 2014 and has one child (age 6) in primary school. Her child care place will last for 52 weeks (until June 2015) from the date she starts work, as long as she stays in employment and her child stays in school.

Example 2:

John starts an employment programme in June 2014 and has two children (aged 8 and 13) in primary school. His older child finishes primary school in July 2014. His child care place for his younger child will last for 52 weeks (until June 2015), as long as he stays on the scheme and the child stays in school. His place for his older child will end in July 2014.

Example 3:

Anne starts a JobBridge placement for 6 months in June 2014 and has two children (age 5 and 7) in primary school. Anne uses 26 weeks of her 52 weeks available on the ASCC scheme and returns to a Jobseeker’s payment in December 2014 when the JobBridge placement ends. Her access to the ASCC scheme also ends. Anne then finds employment in January 2015 and meets the criteria for the ASCC scheme. Anne has 26 weeks remaining on the ASCC scheme. Her place for both children will end in July 2015.

Last modified:27/08/2015