Social Welfare Appeals Office - SW 56

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You can make an appeal within 21 days of receiving the decision. The Chief Appeals Officer has discretion to extend this period in certain limited circumstances.
You can make an appeal by completing a form (called Form SWAO 1), available from your local Intreo Office, or by downloading the SWAO 1 form from the ‘Your Appeal’ area on the Appeals Office website
Alternatively, you may set out the grounds of your appeal in a letter or by email to The important thing is that you set out your case fully. You may send your appeal directly to the Chief Appeals Officer at the address below or through your local Intreo Office.
Chief Appeals Officer
Social Welfare Appeals Office
D'Olier House
D'Olier Street
Dublin 2.
You should state your name, your address and your Personal Public Service (PPS) number and enclose:
  • a copy of the decision you are appealing against,
  • a statement of the reasons why you are dissatisfied with the Department’s decision, and
  • any relevant evidence that you think may support your appeal.
Important: If you wish to obtain any information or copies of documents that the Department used in reaching the decision, you should contact the relevant scheme area of the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection and let them know that you need the information in order to make an appeal.
Last modified:12/09/2016