Healthy Food for All

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Healthy Food for All (HFfA) is an all-Ireland multi-agency initiative which combats food poverty by promoting access, availability and affordability of healthy food for low-income groups. HFfA’s main activities are supporting local food initiatives in schools and communities, promoting good practice and shared learning and providing policy advice and research.
The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, through its Social Inclusion Division (SID), provides support to HFfA for the implementation of development plans which can add value to the Government's current investment in the School Meals Programme e.g. breakfast clubs and community-based food initiatives for low-income groups.
HFfA has published a series three good practice guides for developing food initiatives; the Good Practice Guide for School Food Initiatives (2009), the Good Practice Guide for Community Food Initiatives (2010) and A Good Practice Guide for Breakfast Clubs (2012).
Last modified:21/01/2013