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The Decisions Advisory Office (DAO) gives advice and information for Deciding Officers in an in-house magazine called 'DAO Bulletin'. This advice is presented in part by way of Questions and Advice on cases - both real and hypothetical. The Bulletin is intended as a guide only and does not purport to be a legal interpretation.

The following cases were included in the issues of the DAO Bulletin published to date. Where, arising from queries, additional advice on a case was published in a subsequent issue, the query and advice are shown immediately following the case in question.

Except where specifically stated otherwise, references throughout the Bulletin to 'sections' and 'schedules' are to sections and schedules of the Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act, 1993 and references to 'articles' are to articles in the Social Welfare (Consolidated Payments Provisions) Regulations, 1994. [S.1. 417 of 1994]

List of DAO Bulletins:

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