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Jobseeker ratings of Intreo/Branch Office services

  • Jobseekers provided a strong positive assessment of Intreo/Branch services with overall satisfaction rated at 4.37 out of a maximum score of 5
  • Staff in Intreo/Branch offices received especially high ratings.
  • Jobseekers who were satisfied with the service are more likely to mention staff and services as reasons for satisfaction.
  • More than 75% of Jobseekers rate the service they received from the Intreo Office as improving their job prospects.
  • Increasingly the Intreo/Branch office service is rated as the same as, or better, than the services provided by the Jobseekers main bank.
  • In a sign of the continuing improvements in the labour market, 37% of Jobseekers were employed on at least a part-time at the time of the interview.


Jobseeker ratings of JobPath Services

  • A strong score of 4.15 out of a maximum of 5 was recorded for overall satisfaction with JobPath services among Jobseekers
  • Staff were highly rated and remain the best rated aspect of the service after the office network
  • JobPath customers rate the service provided as the same as or better than Intreo/Branch office services.
  • Almost half of those customers interviewed for the survey were employed at least a part-time basis.
Last modified:29/04/2019