Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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What is the Jobseekers/JobPath Customer Satisfaction Survey?
Since 2015, the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) has carried out customer satisfaction surveys to understand how its customers interact with unemployment supports and employment services offered to jobseekers via Intreo and Jobpath contracted services.

The surveys provide an essential feedback loop and inform how the Department tailors and develops its services, while receiving early warning of emerging issues and challenges.

What are its objectives?

The overall objective of the Jobseeker Surveys is to:

  • Measure overall levels of customer satisfaction with the Department’s public office and Jobpath services across the country;
  • Identify barriers to high customer satisfaction with service agents, processes and locations;
  • Identify particular reasons for high and low satisfaction levels for each of the elements above;
  • Use Jobseekers’ insights to improve current service delivery  and processes, and inform policy developments;
  • Establish the extent to which individuals who have since secure employment feel that the Intreo or JobPath services contributed to their securing of employment.

Survey History

Computer Assisted Telephone (CATI) surveys have been carried out every October since 2015, and SMS/Web based surveys with the same pool of questions have been carried out every six months since October 2016. All surveys to date have been conducted by external contractors on behalf of the Department. The latest telephone survey was conducted between October and December 2018.

Last modified:29/04/2019