Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

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Summary of 2016 CSS results

Jobseekers results

Jobseekers give a very favourable assessment of Intreo and branch offices in 2016.

On the key aspects of premises, staff, services and processes job seekers review of Intreo centres and branch offices is uniformly strong with average scores of 4 out of 5 most likely.

Scores have moderated somewhat since 2015. Although levels of dissatisfaction are still low, jobseekers are less emphatic in their praise in 2016 as compared with 2015. The average overall satisfaction rating has fallen from 4.38 to 4.13.

Jobseekers are most satisfied with Staff and give strongest scores for ‘Friendliness’, ‘Try their best for me’, ‘Good at their job’ and ‘Case officer meetings’.

Jobseekers are least convinced that Intreo/branch offices improve their prospects of getting a job, and are least satisfied with the Social Welfare on-line services and the processes leading to getting on to a course, training or getting a job.

Males, those aged 25+, and clients of branch offices tend to give marginally stronger scores but strong scores are common throughout the client base. Offices in the Midlands North and Mid-West divisions tend to be best rated.

The most frequently made suggestions were for reduced queues in branches, (albeit at a lower level than in 2015) and more efficient communication. Notwithstanding the strong scores for staff calls were also made for staff to be even more helpful, compassionate and friendlier as well as for more suitable courses and a better variety of jobs to be offered.

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JobPath results

Strong overall performance for JobPath service providers.

Scores across the key areas of ‘Premises’, ‘Staff’, and ‘Processes’ are routinely in the top quartile. JobPath clients reserve their highest scores for staff, with strong endorsement of their work in making them feel valued, trying their best for them and being good at their job.

Scores are a little more circumspect in respect of services. Scores are lowest for online services, the belief that the work done is improving prospects of getting a job, and that training courses are of good quality.

Slightly over half of respondent feel the JobPath service is better than that provided by the Intreo centre or branch office.

Of the small minority who made suggestions for improvement, the initiatives suggested focus on the provision of a greater variety of jobs, more suitable courses and better services for older people.

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