Brexit Maternity and Paternity Benefits FAQs

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I am an Irish or a British citizen, I live in Ireland and I have worked in the UK for a number of years. I am receiving maternity benefit from the UK. Will Brexit have any impact on my payment?
You will continue to receive your maternity benefit as before. 
I am from the UK and I have been working and living in Ireland for the last five years. I am expecting a baby and plan to return to the UK on a permanent basis. Where should I make a claim for maternity benefit?
As you are working in Ireland, you should make a claim in Ireland for maternity benefit. The maternity benefit can be paid to you in the UK.
I have recently become a father and want to make a claim for paternity benefit. I work in Ireland but live in the UK with my partner and baby. Where should I make my claim?

As you are working in Ireland, you should claim your benefit in Ireland.
Last modified:27/08/2019