Benefit of Work Ready Reckoner - Introduction

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The Ready Reckoner is a user friendly tool for those in receipt of a Jobseeker's Payment. It gives an indication of the difference between your potential in-work and your current out-of-work payments based on information provided by you. The tool is anonymous and you are not required to enter your personal details.


See picture here for an example of output.


Click here to use the Ready Reckoner or click on the image below.



The tool is designed for those who are currently not in any type of employment, are in receipt of a Jobseeker's Payment and are considering taking up full-time sustainable employment. For full details of what the Ready Reckoner will and will not do, please click here.


The Ready Reckoner does not apply to those Jobseekers who:

  • may be exploring self-employment as a possible option
  • are considering taking up part-time employment
  • moving from part-time to full-time employment

It does not take two household incomes into consideration.


At present, when a person who has been in receipt of a Jobseeker's Payment for at least 12 months takes up full-time employment, s/he may retain their Medical Card for a period of up to three years from the date on which the employment commenced.


As Child Benefit is a universal payment it will not be affected if you take up full-time employment.


You should visit your Local Intreo Centre, Social Welfare Office or Citizens Information Centre if you require more detailed information.

Last modified:03/03/2016

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