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Claiming a Jobseeker's Payment

If you have never claimed a jobseeker's payment in the past or if it is more than 2 years since you last claimed, please print application form UP 1.

If it is less than 2 years since you last claimed, please print application form UP 6.

Complete the form and bring it to your local Social Welfare office immediately.

If you delay calling to your local office to make your claim, you may lose payment.

When you make a claim for Jobseeker’s Benefit (Allowance) the local office will ask you to show evidence of your idenity and address.

Evidence of identity

You can provide evidence of your identity by showing your Passport or your Driver's Licence

If you do not have either a passport or driver’s licence, you should bring any other document that you may have, particularly one that has your photograph on it.

The following documents may also be acceptable: Credit or Debit, Debit Card; Medical Card, Age ID Card, Work ID Card, Club Membership Card.

The following items are not accepted as proof of identity:

  • Birth or Baptismal certificates
  • Bills or personal letters

Evidence of address

You may be asked to show evidence of your address. Therefore you should bring any of the following documents:

  • Recent bills from utility companies such as Electricity, Telephone (Landline or Mobile), Gas, Cable Television, Waste Charges etc.
  • Recent statements/correspondence from Banks, Building Societies, Credit Unions, Credit Card Companies or other financial institutions
  • Recent letters addressed to you from Insurance Companies, Local Authorities, Government Departments or the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Local Authority Rent book, Mortgage or leasing agreement

Note: a recent document is one issued within the last 2 months. All documents must be originals, not photocopies.

It will not be possible to give a decision on your claim until evidence of your identity and address have been seen.

If your last employer has given you your P45 you should bring it to your local office. If you do not yet have your P45, you should still call to your local office to make your claim.

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Jobseekers Benefit and Jobseekers Allowance Frequently Asked Questions

Last modified:07/01/2013