Annual Report for 2018 under section 6 of the Gender Recognition Act 2015

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The Gender Recognition Act 2015 was enacted on 22 July 2015 and commenced on 4 September 2015. This Annual Report is drafted in accordance with section 6 of the Act.

It outlines the performance of the Minister’s functions under the Act during 2018.  In particular it reports on applications made for a gender recognition certificate, applications where an applicant already has recognition in another jurisdiction, revocations of gender recognition certificates by the Minister, applications to revoke a gender recognition certificate by the holder and correction to a gender recognition certificate.

It describes the role of the General Register Office and Client Identity Services of the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection in the gender recognition process; and provides statistics relating to gender recognition under the Passport Act 2008, the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act 1956, and the Adoption Act 2010.

The report shows that the number of gender recognition certificates issued by Client Identity Services in the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection during 2018 was 125 giving a total of 422 since commencement of the Act.  For the same period, 73 people registered on the Register of Gender Recognition in the General Register Office.

This report also contains an update on the review of the Act, which was launched by Minister Doherty in November 2017.

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Last modified:12/11/2019