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Aims & Benefits of a Job Club

The Job Club aims to expand awareness and help participants understand how the application of simple techniques can greatly enhance jobseeking skills. Membership of a Job Club may help participants to be more acutely aware of their employable/marketable personal attributes. There is an emphasis on 'skills' learnt when gaining a qualification, not merely the subject matter.
The following can be done through a Job Club:
  • Develop jobseeking skills and techniques such as preparing a Curriculum Vitae and application letter;
  • Develop an individual job search plan;
  • Prepare for interviews;
  • Build relationships and rapport;
  • Develop verbal communication skills as well as body language skills;
  • Identify individual strengths and skills and match them to local work opportunities;
  • Identify ways to improve jobseeking decision-making capabilities;
  • Explore and analyse local work opportunities;
  • Have access to the facilities of the Job Club (telephones, computer, email, newspapers etc.);
  • Develop a network of contacts which can be of help in getting work.

Course Content & Duration

Job Club Course Content

Training topics include health and safety, rules and regulations, the world of work, C.V. preparation, career planning, job targeting, job seeking skills, sourcing jobs, applying for jobs, assertiveness, interview techniques, and mock interviews.

Job Club Course Duration

Job Club training duration is usually 3 to 5 weeks; however back-up services are offered for as long as it takes the participant to get a job.
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