After-school Child Care Scheme - SW 135

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  1. What is the after-school child (ASCC) care scheme?
  2. Am I eligible for this scheme?
  3. How are places allocated?
  4. How long does the allocated place last?
  5. If I meet these conditions how do I apply?
  6. I did not know about this scheme before: can I apply now?
  7. For more information

The ASCC scheme provides supports to low-income and unemployed people to take up a job (including JobPlus); increase their days of employment; or take up a place on a Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) Employment Programme.

The scheme provides subsidised after-school child care places, with the option of a pick-up service, for certain DEASP customers, who have children of primary school age.

If you meet the criteria and are offered a place on this scheme, you can get after-school child care for up to 5 days per week at a daily rate of €3 per day per child, for example €15 per week per child.

The scheme provides full-day childcare during school holidays at no additional cost to the parent. However, in order to avail of childcare during the school holidays you must have an on-going after-school childcare need during the school year.


Last modified:27/08/2015